Keeping up with Kibana: This week in Kibana for January 20th, 2020

Maps can now be embedded in Canvas

The ability to embed maps in Canvas was merged this week for release in 7.6. We expect to continue working on adding additional visualization types as embeddables into Canvas over the next few months.


Speaking of Maps: Categorical styling of colors

We are very excited that Maps will in 7.6 allow Categorical Styling of Color.  It’s a highly requested and significant feature.  In this first iteration string fields can be matched to a color. See #54408  

The user can choose a default palette ...


...or a custom oneimage6.png

Kibana Platform: changes for Kibana plugin developers

  • We’ve introduced the `getStartServices()` API to the server-side (#55156). This mirrors the client-side API to enable plugins to access start contracts from setup functions. This should only be needed in some areas and we expect to continue to use request context for most usecases.
  • Plugin IDs must now be in camelCase format. A PR was merged to enforce this convention automatically.

  • We’ve fixed a number of bugs in the application service. This should unblock a few plugins from beginning their UI code migration.
  • For batching requests and streaming responses, the bfetch plugin is now available in the Kibana platform (formerly ajax_stream and batched_fetch in legacy Kibana).
  • We added support for the “Deprecated” label in advanced settings. courier:batchSearches is the first example of a deprecated setting.
  • Expressions plugin now supports interpreter handlers that contain a list of variables.

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