Keeping up with Kibana: This week in Kibana for March 6th, 2020

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Data Grid in Discover is coming soon

We are hard at work converting Discover’s result tables to EuiDataGrid grid component. The changes will result in a slight layout change to the overall app and it’s going to feel a little more Lens-like in its presentation. It will also address a bunch of improvements that users have been asking for and position us for further enhancements. There’s still a lot of work to be done on this one, but the goal is to get a working version soon.  You can follow along on this PR.


Query cancellation

Team has been working on incorporating query cancellation and asynchronous search capabilities into Kibana. This week we added the new asynchronous search strategy to the Search Service.  It sends the first request as given (with all request parameters), and expects to receive an id in the response, which it then uses to poll the same backend endpoint until the response indicates that it is complete by sending a loaded property that is equal to the total property. This prepares us to allow triggering of async search requests once ES backend is ready.

We have also merged a fix that ensures that search requests (using the search service or KQL value suggestions) that initiate client-side and are then disconnected, will now close the upstream connection to Elasticsearch. This signals Elasticsearch to clean up any tasks associated with the originating search request.

The new Search Service now supports frozen indices and rollups. This service is now used for all search requests and the use of EsClient has been eliminated. The server-side search endpoint is now using the new search strategy as well.

Kibana Platform 

Most recent changes for Kibana users:

  • Upgrading Kibana will no longer fail if a Elasticsearch snapshot is in progress during the upgrade (#58884)
  • We deprecated support for the `kibana_user` and `kibana_dashboard_only_user` roles in 7.6, with plans to remove them in 8.0. This week, we gave these deprecated roles special treatment in the UI, so Kibana administrators will have a heads-up when they attempt to assign these roles to their users (#57209)pasted_image_0.png

For plugin developers:

  • Platform plugins may now register their SavedObject types (#57430), mappings, and migrations! This required many internal changes and unblocks the final most common blocker to completing the migration to the frontend. 
  • A change to how UI applications in the Platform must integrate with the global router on the frontend. (#56705). This will require (small) changes from all plugin teams in order to fix a few routing bugs. Please see the before & after in the PR above for an example.
  • HTTP routes may now specify optional authentication (#58589
  • HTTP routes may now opt-out of XSRF protection (#58717
  • A new API for internal metrics about the Kibana server is now available (#59294
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