Articles by Philipp Kahr


Introduction to custom machine learning models and maps

Learn how to run custom machine learning models to extract location information from text-based datasets and plot it on a map.


How to use Elastic Maps to make public datasets observable

There’s a growing trend among many countries to publish their data as open datasets that are available to the public. These curated datasets are an excellent resource for developers looking to create a demo set for their applications.


How to consume audit logs from Elastic Cloud Enterprise

In many organisations, the Elastic Stack is run on the Elastic Cloud Enterprise (ECE) platform. This platform allows teams to create, manage, and update Elastic Stack without any prior knowledge of how to run the Elastic Stack.


3 tips to identify Kibana optimizing potential

In many organisations, the Elastic Stack — especially Kibana — is maintained by an operations team. Ever wondered what your users are doing in Kibana?