Articles by Michael Hyatt

Principal Solutions Architect, Elastic

Michael is a solutions architect with background in Analytics, APIs and messaging. He is passionate about technology and travelling with my family.


Trace-based testing with Elastic APM and Tracetest

Want to run trace-based tests with Elastic APM? We're happy to announce that Tracetest now integrates with Elastic Observability APM. Check out this hands-on example of how Tracetest works with Elastic Observability APM and OpenTelemetry.


Kubernetes observability tutorial: Monitoring application performance with Elastic APM

The third post in our observability tutorial series for Kubernetes takes a look at application performance monitoring with Elastic APM. We'll instrument Java and RUM agents and then look at distributed tracing, service maps, visualizations, and more.


Kubernetes observability tutorial: Metrics collection and analysis

The second post in our observability tutorial series for Kubernetes dives into collecting and visualizing metrics using the Elastic Stack with Metricbeat and Kibana.


Kubernetes observability tutorial: Log monitoring and analysis

Learn how Elastic Observability makes it easy to monitor and detect anomalies in millions of logs from thousands of containers running hundreds of microservices — while Kubernetes scales applications with changing pod counts. All from a single UI.


Kubernetes observability tutorial: K8s cluster setup and demo app deployment

This blog will walk you through configuring the environment you’ll be using for the Kubernetes observability tutorial blog series.


Using the Elastic Stack for observability of Mulesoft CloudHub

Learn how to use Logstash to copy CloudHub worker logs, events, and metrics into the Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud.


Observability of MuleSoft: Using Elastic APM to monitor Mule flows

Monitor the performance of your MuleSoft components by using Elastic APM, a custom Mule APM agent, and information-packed dashboards built in Kibana and Canvas.