Articles by Dimitrios Liappis

Software Engineer, Elastic

Dimitrios Liappis is an Infrastructure Engineer at Elastic. He holds B.S. in Computer Science and M.S. in Computer Networks, still remembers Linux in the v1.2 days, and enjoys learning new ways to automate all things infra. Before joining Elastic, he held various roles in Managed Services and Telecoms.


Benchmark-driven optimizations — How we pushed scalability to the next level in Elasticsearch 8

Elasticsearch 8 enables scaling the number of shards in a cluster beyond what has been possible. Built on a foundation of new benchmark infrastructure, these advances protect from regressions and provide rigorous data on how Elasticsearch can scale.


Querying a petabyte of cloud storage in 10 minutes

Learn how search performance on the new frozen tier compares with the existing Elasticsearch data tiers, and how with the frozen tier you can store and search far larger amounts of data.


Testing the new Elasticsearch cold tier of searchable snapshots at scale

The cold tier is GA in Elasticsearch 7.11. Learn about the testing we did to make sure this feature is ready for you to implement today.


Canonical, Elastic, and Google team up to prevent data corruption in Linux

While testing a new Elastic Stack feature we discovered a Linux kernel bug affecting SSD disks on certain Linux kernels. Learn how the investigation involved a great collaboration with two close partners: Google Cloud and Canonical.


This Week in Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene - 2020-03-13


Benchmarking Elasticsearch cross-cluster replication

Wondering about the performance of Elasticsearch Cross-Cluster replication? Here's how we've been benchmarking and stress testing it using Rally.


This Week in Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene - 2019-03-15


Is your Elasticsearch "Trimmed"?

Why running Elasticsearch on SSD drives with the default TRIM settings on most Linux distributions can have a negative impact on performance and how to fix it.


Introducing beta releases of Elasticsearch and Kibana Docker images!

Introducing beta releases of Elasticsearch and Kibana 5.0 Docker images.