Articles by Dimitrios Liappis

While testing a new Elastic Stack feature we discovered a Linux kernel bug affecting SSD disks on certain Linux kernels. Learn how the investigation involved a great collaboration with two close partners: Google Cloud and Canonical...

Wondering about the performance of Elasticsearch Cross-Cluster replication? Here's how we've been benchmarking and stress testing it using Rally.

Why running Elasticsearch on SSD drives with the default TRIM settings on most Linux distributions can have a negative impact on performance and how to fix it...

Introducing beta releases of Elasticsearch and Kibana 5.0 Docker images.

Sometimes we need to create an AMI using a vm or vagrant box as a source. We are looking at how to do this and present a tool to automate the process.

Launching Linux EBS based AWS instances with / >8GiB is not always straightforward. We take a look at why and how to overcome this limitation.