Articles By Dan Roscigno

16 January 2019 Engineering

Infrastructure and Logs UI: New ways for Ops to interact with Elasticsearch

By Dan Roscigno

Introducing the new Logs UI and Infrastructure UI. It's never been easier to manage your environments with the Elastic Stack.

12 July 2018 Engineering

Monitoring Kubernetes and Docker Containers with Beats: Logs, Metrics, and Metadata

By Dan Roscigno

Monitor Docker and Kubernetes logs and metrics with the Elastic Stack. Ship container data with Beats, analyze it with Elasticsearch, and visualize in Kibana.

27 June 2018 Engineering

Get System Logs and Metrics into Elasticsearch with Beats System Modules

By Dan Roscigno

Elastic Beats System modules collect key operating system logs and metrics and present them visually so that you can work more efficiently.

30 May 2018 Engineering

Monitoring an application running in Docker containers and Kubernetes with the Elastic Stack

By Dan Roscigno

Containerized apps are dynamic, so is the Elastic Stack. Beats autodiscover and collect logs & metrics from the app, Docker, & Kubernetes and adjust to changes.