Elastic Partner Program

The Elastic Partner Program offers assistance and incentives to companies delivering solutions based on the Elastic Stack — that’s Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash. We work directly with our partners to promote the widespread adoption of our software and services.

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As an Elastic partner, you get access to our Partner Portal, which includes access to deal registration, sales and technical enablement material, and other partner-specific resources. Depending on where you are in your partner journey with Elastic, you can apply to be an Elastic partner, log in to your Elastic Partner Portal account, or set up your individual login credentials.



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From embedding Elastic into a product to developing a proof of concept, the Elastic Partner Program is there for guidance, support, and collaboration — whatever your needs.

Regional and channel partners

Our regional and channel partners are system integrators, consultants, and resellers who distribute Elastic subscriptions, act as referral partners, provide implementation services, or create custom integrated solutions. We have different tiers available for your level of commitment.

OEM, MSP, and CSP partners

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and managed service provider (MSP) partners embed Elastic software, which includes valuable premium features and world-class Elastic support, to sell or lease to their end customers. Our cloud service provider (CSP) partners are cloud providers who also offer Elastic software within their product.

GSI partners

Global systems integrator (GSI) partners help create offerings with global reach by aligning clients with the benefits of the Elastic Stack. We work with our GSI partners from proof of concepts to demos in the boardroom.

Technology and cloud partners

Technology and Platform partners work with us to create impactful, easy-to-deploy solutions based on the Elastic Stack. We collaborate and jointly test solutions for products driven by customer demand.

Elastic partners


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