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Shield: Securing Your Data in Elasticsearch



Increasingly, securing your valuable data in Elasticsearch matters just as much as getting insight from it. Whether you are a Fortune 500 juggernaut or a lean startup, the ability to protect your data from unauthorized access, secure network communications, and stay ahead of regulatory requirements is crucial. That's why we created Shield, our commercial product that plugs into Elasticsearch to allow anyone to easily add enterprise-grade security to the ELK stack.

With organizations around the globe harnessing the power of Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana to get real-time insights from their data, we're pleased to offer Shield as a way to protect what matters to you.

In this webinar, Steve Kearns, Director of Product Management, and Uri Boness, Shield Engineering Lead, will take you on a tour of the product with an overview of the feature set and a technical deep dive.

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