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Cybersecurity Solutions for a Riskier World: Benchmarking investments, results, and best practices


The pandemic—and now the war in Ukraine—has brought cybersecurity to a critical inflection point. Last year, the number of material breaches rose 24.5% among private- and public-sector organizations. This year cybersecurity has become a top imperative for management teams, which are increasing their cybersecurity budgets over 50% as a share of revenue to keep their organizations safe.

But cybersecurity is not an exact science. To provide insights into which practices work best, ThoughtLab, a leading global research firm, has brought together a global cybersecurity coalition comprised of an elite group of cybersecurity leaders and experts from across the private sector as well as members of government and academia to conduct the largest known global benchmarking analysis, Cybersecurity Solutions for a Riskier World, co-sponsored by Elastic.

Join ThoughtLab; Resolute Strategic Services; Paul Sussman, Vice President, Cybersecurity Strategy Consulting, Booz Allen Hamilton; Duc Lai, CISO, University of Maryland Medical System; and Juan Morales, CISO, Realogy; as they discuss the findings of our 2022 cybersecurity research program, sharing ground-breaking research that is rooted in the analysis of cybersecurity strategies and results of 1,200 large organizations across 14 different sectors and 16 countries, representing $125.2 billion of annual cybersecurity spending.

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