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New in Elastic Cloud Enterprise (ECE) 2.2: cross-cluster search UI, role-based access control (beta), and more


Elastic Cloud Enterprise (ECE) allows you to centrally provision, manage, and monitor your Elasticsearch, Kibana, and APM deployments, at any scale, on any infrastructure. It’s the same product that we use to manage thousands of deployments on Elasticsearch Service, our hosted Elasticsearch offering.

The new ECE 2.2 release introduces a set of much-anticipated features that will further enhance ECE users’ ability to manage any number of deployments in their on-prem data centers or private or public cloud.

In this webinar, we will review the features that are new in ECE 2.2 and demo how they can be configured and used in various use cases.


  • Enable and configure user management and role-based access control (beta)
  • Configure your deployment templates to enable index lifecycle management
  • Use the new dedicated deployment template for cross-cluster search
  • Configure and manage Elasticsearch keystore in ECE hosted deployments
  • Install and manage ECE more easily with Ansible playbooks

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