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Exhibit A: Elasticsearch Powering eDiscovery at kCura

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The digital data explosion is changing the way businesses get value from their data efficiently and effectively. kCura, an eDiscovery firm offering web-based applications for managing large volumes of electronic evidence during litigation or investigations, needed to rearchitect and scale their main product, Relativity, to meet the demand of a growing data set. With the help of Elasticsearch support, kCura used Elasticsearch to power their main product — which ultimately lead to improving Elasticsearch for the benefit of the entire open source community. Join kCura CEO Andrew Sieja and Elasticsearch VP of Customer Care Marty Messer on February 18, as they share:

  • How kCura used Elasticsearch to scale their platform to meet growing data demand
  • kCura's experience as an Elasticsearch customer and the value of the relationship
  • How kCura uses Marvel and the Elasticsearch .NET client (NEST)