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Smart factories: observe and protect your production processes using the Elastic Stack

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Felix Rössel
Felix Rössel

Product Engineer and IIoT Evangelist



As an increasing number of factories go smart, we explore what this means, how it improves productivity and where Elastic can help. If you work in operational technology or with the industrial internet of things, this webinar is for you.


  • Understand how a smart factory can help you to improve efficiency, visibility and security.
  • Consider what data needs to be collected at each level of a smart factory stack.
  • See how Elastic Stack can help you through aggregation, storage and visualisation of data.
  • Witness a test factory scenario in Kibana and see how real-time visualisation and automation can significantly improve efficiency and planning.

Most factories use a range of machines, from different vendors, all producing different kinds of data. When going smart, this can create very complex mapping and data structures, making truthful visualisation of data impossible. In this webinar, we show how Elastic Stack helps you to overcome this problem, allowing anyone you want to visualise your data - not just computer scientists!

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