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How do you feel, Mr. Robot?

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Felix Rössel
Felix Rössel

Product Engineer and IIoT Evangelist



If your daily job is dealing with condition monitoring, smart factory or the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and acronyms like MQTT, OPC-UA or technologies like message queues or data ETL (Extract Transform Load) is part of your job this webinar is for you!

We’ll introduce you to the Elastic Stack and its features in the context of smart factory and IIoT. See how you can get your smart factory data into the Elastic Stack and use it as a single source of truth that allows you to build meaningful condition monitoring with alerts, anomaly detections and secured data handling. 

We will explain how you can build dashboards or SCADA-like visualizations to get the most out of your data, defining and building it the way you need.

Finally the webinar will provide a preview of a second follow-up webinar where we will introduce a joint solution with our technology partners and provide even more detailed hints and tips for using the Elastic Stack for smart factory and IIoT.


  • Introduction to ingest agents for machine data
  • IIoT common schema for every machine type/vendor
  • Condition monitoring with machine learning
  • Dashboarding the way you want
  • Outlook to a broader solution with technology partners

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