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Chat on the risks & rewards of implementing innovation at scale with former PayPal CIO

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Michael Down
Michael Down

Senior Principal Solutions Architect


Brad Strock
Brad Strock

Former Global CIO at PayPal


As the financial services industry continues to change at a rapid pace, former PayPal CIO, Brad Strock, explains how companies can stay one step ahead.


  • Finding risk-free ways to explore new technologies
  • Pairing traditional databases with modern technologies
  • Innovating from within: how to prioritise technological needs
  • Balancing regulation and innovation to help your company thrive

Starting as a service to send money between PalmPilots via infra-red, in its 22 year history PayPal has pivoted many times to become a leading player in digital payments.

Adapting to new technologies is not just an issue for mature financial services. All companies, from startup fintechs to heritage banks, should place technology strategies at the forefront of their business plans.

In this discussion with Elastic Principal Solutions Architect, Michael Down, Brad Strock explains the importance of technology strategies for the finance sector. They discuss examples of how companies have used technology well - or not so well - and also key insights to how the finance industry can continue to innovate and profit from technological advancement.

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