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eBay and Elasticsearch: This is not small data

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Imagine working at eBay, where there’s millions of sellers, 162 million active buyers, and 800 million listings – which in 2015 added up to $82 billion in gross merchandising volume.

Needless to say, they’re not dealing with small data, and as eBay engineer Sudeep Kumar puts it, the amount of data they deal with only continues to grow organically. Which is why they adopted Elasticsearch to handle all of their search functionalities across the business.

And while their Elasticsearch journey started – as it typically does – with installing our software and interacting with the community on our forums to get some advice along the way, Sudeep soon felt the pressure to figure out how to scale eBay’s deployment in order to accommodate demand. Not to mention the fact that he has tight SLAs to adhere to for his tier 1 customers – if something’s not working, it needs to be fixed, fast.

Leveraging Elastic Support to Scale

This is why eBay became an Elastic subscription customer, where they are fully leveraging our support expertise to continue to expand and fine tune their deployment – which is up to 18-19 clusters … but who's counting? Well, probably Sudeep.

The unique aspect of support at Elastic is each customer gets assigned a dedicated Elastic support engineer to work with them throughout their project, instead of interacting with someone new and with no prior knowledge or exposure to their environment every time they file a ticket.

Sudeep got to meet the Elastic support engineer he’s been working with over the past six months, Joshua Rich, at Elastic{ON}16. We asked them to share what their journey has been like so far.

Watch the video to find out!

If you’re interested in our Support services, as well as the other goodness you get with our subscriptions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We always love hearing about how the Elastic Stack is being used to make life – and well, work (of course) – better.