Your Cluster at a Glance

Marvel's overview dashboard provides full details on the health of your cluster, including cluster-wide metrics, overview of all nodes and indices and events such as master election or the addition of new nodes.

Real-Time and Historical Analysis

Marvel's dedicated dashboards allow for in-depth analysis of a wide collection of metrics, ranging from machine level information to details of Elasticsearch internals. Marvel also stores your historical data, allowing you to dive into past issues just as easily as you see your cluster's performance in real time.

Metrics in Context

Marvel collects cluster-wide events, such as index creation, node restarts and routing decisions. Events are displayed either alongside their metrics, allowing you to see both cause and effect in the same place at the same time, or on dedicated dashboard so you can dive deeply into a particular event.

Seamless REST API Integration

Marvel ships with a developer console that allows you to easily issue calls to Elasticsearch's REST API. The console offers quick context sensitive suggestions and is optimized for prototyping queries for your application, issuing management commands or using the suggestion feature to explore the different options the API offers.