This section provides a series of troubleshooting solutions aimed at helping users fix problems that an Elasticsearch deployment might encounter.





Snapshot and restoreedit

Other issuesedit

If none of these solutions relate to your issue, you can still get help:

  • For users with an active subscription, you can get help in several ways:

    • Go directly to the Support Portal
    • From the Elasticsearch Service Console, go to the Support page, or select the support icon that looks like a life preserver on any page.
    • Contact us by email:

      If you contact us by email, use the email address that you registered with so that we can help you more quickly. If you are using a distribution list as your registered email, you can also register a second email address with us. Just open a case to let us know the name and email address you want to add.

  • For users without an active subscription, visit the Elastic community forums and get answers from the experts in the community, including people from Elastic.