Increase the disk capacity of data nodesedit

In order to increase the disk capacity of the data nodes in your cluster:

  1. Log in to the Elastic Cloud console.
  2. On the Elasticsearch Service panel, click the gear under the Manage deployment column that corresponds to the name of your deployment.
  3. If autoscaling is available but not enabled, please enable it. You can do this by clicking the button Enable autoscaling on a banner like the one below:

    Autoscaling banner

    Or you can go to Actions > Edit deployment, check the checkbox Autoscale and click save at the bottom of the page.

    Enabling autoscaling
  4. If autoscaling has succeeded the cluster should return to healthy status. If the cluster is still out of disk, please check if autoscaling has reached its limits. You will be notified about this by the following banner:

    Autoscaling banner

    or you can go to Actions > Edit deployment and look for the label LIMIT REACHED as shown below:

    Autoscaling limits reached

    If you are seeing the banner click Update autoscaling settings to go to the Edit page. Otherwise, you are already in the Edit page, click Edit settings to increase the autoscaling limits. After you perform the change click save at the bottom of the page.