Cloud-based deployment for Elasticsearch

Add cloud-native Elasticsearch to your application in your favorite cloud or across multiple clouds with AWS, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure. Elastic offers the most flexible deployment options on the market so you can build search that fits perfectly within your current (or desired) infrastructure setup.

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All the Latest Features

Elastic handles managed search, so you can focus on building compelling search engines and innovating for your end-users. Choose any cloud — or multi-cloud or hybrid — for the best way to build scalable, resilient, and configurable search services. Want to consume cloud-based search via the marketplaces? You get consolidated billing and can accrue toward your annual spending commitments.


Cloud-native features

Develop fast, scalable, and accessible cloud search engines for websites, ecommerce, customer support, internal workplaces, and more, regardless of the data structures or locality. Take advantage of cost-reducing, search as a service features with minimal management overhead.

  • 50+ regions and counting

    Every millisecond counts when it comes to search query performance — deploy cloud search close to customers and end-users so latency is a non-issue. Elastic supports over 50 global cloud regions across AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

  • Autoscaling

    Have your Elastic resources automatically adjust for the best possible experience for your users. Elastic lets you scale your resources as your data grows, even during seasonal traffic spikes.

  • Searchable snapshots and data tiers

    Ensure better cost and performance for data not accessed as frequently. Store more analytics and logs to better understand user behavior to refine your cloud search engine experience.

  • Cross-cluster search and replication

    Search across multiple clusters, regardless of cloud provider. Store replica copies of data between clusters located across cloud-based providers and regions for exceptional search service uptime and redundancy.

Rather manage your own deployment?

Choose among a number of flexible options that allow you to run and self-manage your own Elasticsearch deployment.

  • Elastic Cloud Enterprise

    Manage a fleet of clusters on any infrastructure.

  • Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes

    Set up and run Elasticsearch and Kibana on Kubernetes.

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    Download as an installable binary or as a Docker container.

Why not monitor and secure, too?

Elastic makes it easy to add best-in-class threat detection, performance monitoring, logging, and more — all in the same platform that powers search.