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Marvel 1.2.1 Released

Today, we are happy to announce the release of Elasticsearch Marvel 1.2.1. This is a bug fix release, fixing a data shipping issue in the new Shard Allocation information which can affect large clusters.

We recommend you upgrade if you are experiencing problems with the new Shard Allocation dashboard and/or if you are seeing the following error in one of your Elasticsearch node's logs:

[2014-06-05 10:47:48,683][ERROR][marvel.agent] [Bandit] exporter [es_exporter] has thrown an exception:
java.lang.IllegalStateException: array not available
        at org.elasticsearch.common.bytes.PagedBytesReference.array(
        at org.elasticsearch.marvel.agent.exporter.ESExporter.addXContentRendererToConnection(

To upgrade, you must install the latest Marvel plugin on all your ES nodes. As with any other Java plugin, you will need to restart nodes (one by one) in order for the version to become active. This is described in more details on the Marvel documentation page.

As always, we welcome all feedback so we can continue improving Elasticsearch Marvel. Please send questions, praise or pains to the Elasticsearch User Mailing List.

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