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10 August 2017 Engineering

Sequence IDs: Coming Soon to an Elasticsearch Cluster Near You

By Shane ConnellyBoaz Leskes

Read about what sequence numbers get you in Elasticsearch 6.0 and beyond

07 February 2017 Engineering

Using Molly to Model and Test Data Replication in Elasticsearch

By Kamala RamasubramanianBoaz Leskes

This past summer, I collaborated with Elastic to model the data replication protocol of Elasticsearch. This is the story of how it went...

28 October 2015 Engineering

The Story of Sense - Announcing Sense 2.0.0-beta1

By Boaz Leskes

Today we are happing to announce Sense 2.0 as an open-source Kibana app, free to use in development and production. This post tells the story of Sense.