The Ladders and Elasticsearch Marvel

We've been seeing tremendous growth in attendance at Elasticsearch meetups, and I'm personally quite excited to see new groups springing up worldwide. Today, we're excited to share more from Monday's New York City meetup at The Ladders.

In this video, Peter Pathirana, Lead Engineer, Recommendations Infrastructure, Platform Team and co-author of Storm Applied, treats us to an in-depth view of how The Ladders uses Elasticsearch to power their job-matching service for career-driven professionals. Following the talk, Shay Banon, our CTO and creator of Elasticsearch, answers extensive audience Q&A on all things Elasticsearch, including our brand new management & monitoring product, Elasticsearch Marvel. The whole meetup proceedings are chock full of juicy architectural bits and the Q&A quite wide ranging, but here are some of the highlights:


  • 49:20 - Peter dives into monitoring at The Ladders
  • 52:00 - Peter talks about their plans to move entirely to Elasticsearch for this infrastructure
  • 1:18:00 - Shay treats us to details on Elasticsearch Marvel, including how creating it has pushed forward development of our entire ELK stack

Use Case High Points

  • 9:00 - Peter tells the story of why The Ladders chose Elasticsearch
  • 34:30 - Peter discusses scaling your Elasticsearch indices, with a great overview of how our Elasticsearch integration for Apache Hadoop has made life better for The Ladders' Platform team better
  • 53:30 - Q&A from Peter's presentation begins, with Shay stepping up to the mic 2 minutes later to kick off nearly 60 minutes of general Q&A


Thanks again to Peter and the whole team at The Ladders for hosting us and sharing their story!

As always, if you're giving a talk on Elasticsearch, Elasticsearch Marvel, Logstash or Kibana, I would love to hear from you.

We're proud and excited to support user group activities and I'm available to help you get the word out about your talk and help you get the pizza to go with it.

Happy viewing!

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