Elastic Stack 7.13.1 released

Version 7.13.1 of the Elastic Stack was released today. We recommend you upgrade to this latest version.

The 7.13.1 patch contains fixes and small enhancements for the stack. Notable bug fixes are:

  • Kibana: Some "By value" panels not rendering after upgrade from 7.12.1 to 7.13.0 (#100756)
  • Kibana: "Math" aggregation not working for Table view in TSVB (#100892)
  • Elasticsearch: Fix illegal access on PIT creation for frozen index (#73517)
  • Elasticsearch: Fix snapshot shard data lost issue when an index is deleted while the cluster is concurrently taking more than one snapshot (#73456)

For a full list of changes for each product, please refer to the release notes:

7.13.1 Release Notes

Elastic Stack

Elastic Enterprise Search

Elastic Observability

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