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Welcome to the Elastic Advent Calendar! Looking back on Week One

This year, the Elastic Engineering team wanted to do something special to celebrate the end of the 2017 Calendar year. Drawing heavy inspiration from the Elastic Stack calendar on Qiita (fully in Japanese) and SysAdvent (in English), we've decided to join the tech-advent tradition.

From the 1st through 25th of December the team is publishing a series of Elastic Stack tips each day at 00:00 UTC. Andas we are a distributed organization with community members from all corners of the globeyou'll be seeing these threads in a variety of our native languages. Just this week we have contributions in English, Japanese, French, and Korean!

If you want to be actively notified of new topics, subscribe to the discuss category! Well also be posting weekly summary blog posts (like this one) if you prefer to follow along here, and we encourage you to join in the conversation either way; topics are open for feedback and questions and wed love to hear from you.

Heres what weve posted from our first week

  1. [EN] [Elastic Stack] Upgrading to 6.0.0! by Mark Walkom

The first and best recommendation we have is to upgrade to the latest 5.6.X release, which is 5.6.4 as of writing. Once you are on 5.6.X, you can do rolling upgrades to 6.X, which is just as amazing as it sounds. 😀

  1. [JP][Elasticsearch] Elasticsearch Ingest Plugin by Jun Ohtani Ingest Node5ElasticsearchGrok pluginGeoIP pluginIP
  2. [EN][Elastic Stack] Fighting Fires and Intrinsic ExplorationGetting Started with the Elastic Stack by Tyler Hannan

    Often, if learning is driven by trying to solve a specific problem, the joy of exploration is lost in the need to put out the fire. Alternatively, if learning the new tech is driven by intrinsic interest without a focused goal, the process never feels satisfactorily "done." We felt these pains, and examined how people were successfully learning new tech.

  3. [FR][Elasticsearch] Advanced Rest Java Client by David Pilato

    Aujourd'hui, nous allons vous montrer en quelques lignes comment utiliser le client Java REST d'Elasticsearch.

  4. [EN][Elasticsearch] Using Painless to prepare for the Holiday Season Deals by Tal Levy

    Let's build a toy search engine for this holiday season.

  5. [KR][Elasticsearch] Cross Cluster Search by Jongmin Kim

    Cross Cluster Search .

  6. [EN][Elasticsearch] Holiday Proof Your Cluster by Christopher Wurm

    Before you take off for your well-deserved holidays, here are some tips on how to avoid being rudely pulled back by a pager alert.

Its a great collection of content packed into some mighty small space, and we'd love to hear your feedback on the posts. Happy reading!

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