Brewing in Beats: Add support for CRI logs in Filebeat

Did you know that Beats 6.1 is already available? Try it and let us know what you think. If you are curious to see the Beats in action, we just published the Getting Started with Beats webinar.

Filebeat: Support for CRI log format

The Container Runtime Interface (CRI) initiative standardizes an API for container implementations. Among other things, it defines its own format for logs, compatible with Docker json-file, but with an alternative implementation (not JSON).

This PR, contributed by @jreyeshdez, adds supports for CRI logs to the Docker prospector in Filebeat. The code automatically switches between the JSON and the CRI parsers based on the content.

This new feature is expected to land in 6.3.

Metricbeat: add more calculated fields to the Kubernetes module

This PR adds the following set of calculated metrics for Kubernetes Pods and containers, with the goal of simplifying the consumption of the data collected by this module.


These new metrics will be released in 6.3.

Other changes:

Repository: elastic/beats


Changes in master:

  • Change kubernetes.node.cpu.allocatable.cores to float #6130
  • fix float32 normalizeValue panic #6129

Changes in master:

  • Fix panic due to unaligned atomic uint64 access #6148
  • Migrate: Redis prospector to the input interface #6119

Changes in 6.2:

  • Fix panic due to unaligned atomic uint64 access #6148

Changes in master:

  • Fix metricbeat test util RunPushMetricSetV2 #6198
  • Provide 32-bit Sample Config for Auditbeat #6170

Changes in master:

  • Use consistent quoting in the command reference. #6193
  • carry the 'worker' default from load balancing #6189
  • Set up logging -> Configure logging #6186
  • Add docs about keystore #6173
  • Auditbeat GA cleanup #6138

Changes in 6.2:

  • Backport into 6.2: #6046 #6173 #6186 #6202
  • carry the 'worker' default from load balancing #6189
  • Auditbeat GA cleanup #6138
  • [DOCS] Upgrade branch to 6.2 #6139

Changes in 6.1:

  • carry the 'worker' default from load balancing #6189

Changes in 6.0:

  • Add faq about disabling ssl to capture mysql data #5846
  • Clarify naming of multiline settings #6014

Repository: elastic/gosigar

Changes in master:

  • Prepare 0.8.0 Release #96