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Getting Started with Beats

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Hosted by

Andrew Kroh

Software Engineer


Brandon Mensing

Beats Senior Product Manager


Carlos Pérez-Aradros

Principal Software Engineer


Tudor Golubenco

Principal Software Engineer



Beats are a family of lightweight shippers that send data from edge machines to Elasticsearch. It all started with Packetbeat - you know, for network data. Then expanded to five additional Elastic Beats for: log files, metrics, audit data, windows event logs, and availability monitoring. And there are more than 40 community-created Beats for all kinds of operational data.

In this session, the Beats team will walk you through the latest Beats and their features, including:

  • Monitoring your infrastructure with Filebeat and Metricbeat
  • Keeping tabs via the Linux audit system and file integrity monitoring with Auditbeat
  • Collecting data from Docker and Kubernetes with our improvements for containerization and new modules in Metricbeat and Filebeat

Learn more about monitoring your containers with Elastic.