Articles by Michael Hirsch

Senior Data Scientist, Elastic

Senior Data Scientist

Michael is a data scientist on the Machine Learning team at Elastic. He has a background in data visualization, python, and mathematics and he’s passionate about making data science and ML accessible to everyone. In his free time, he enjoys playing music, photography, traveling, and the natural sciences.


Using Elastic machine learning rare analysis to hunt for the unusual

Learn how Elastic machine learning can be used to easily build a model of your data and apply anomaly detection algorithms to detect what is rare/unusual in the data.


Benchmarking binary classification results in Elastic machine learning

How does the binary classification in Elastic machine learning stack up against other algorithms? See how our modeling performs against a suite of open datasets used for benchmarking.


Benchmarking outlier detection results in Elastic machine learning


Analysing Linux auditd anomalies with Auditbeat and machine learning

Learn how to configure and use the machine learning module for Auditbeat to find anomalous kernal and Docker processes in your Linux auditd data.


Anonymize-It: The General Purpose Tool for Data Privacy Used by the Elastic Machine Learning Team