Articles by Jonas Kunz

Senior Engineer, APM Agents


Introducing the Elastic distribution of the OpenTelemetry Java Agent

Elastic announces the Elastic distribution of the OpenTelemetry (OTel) Java Agent, a fully OTel-compatible agent with a rich set of useful additional features.


Revealing unknowns in your tracing data with inferred spans in OpenTelemetry

Distributed tracing is essential in understanding complex systems, but it can miss latency issue details. By combining profiling techniques with distributed tracing, Elastic provides the inferred spans feature as an extension for the OTel Java SDK.


Beyond the trace: Pinpointing performance culprits with continuous profiling and distributed tracing correlation

Frustrated by slow traces but unsure where the code bottleneck lies? Elastic Universal Profiling correlates profiling stacktraces with OpenTelemetry (OTel) traces, helping you identify and pinpoint the exact lines of code causing performance issues.


Elastic's contribution: Invokedynamic in the OpenTelemetry Java agent

The instrumentation approach in OpenTelemetry's Java Agent comes with some limitations with respect to maintenance and testability. Elastic contributes an invokedynamic-based instrumentation approach that helps overcoming these limitations.