Articles by Jack Shirazi

Principal Software Engineer

Jack Shirazi works in the APM Java agent team at Elastic. He is the founder of and author of Java Performance Tuning (O’Reilly) and has been an official Java Champion since 2005. Jack has worked at all levels and all stages of IT projects in several industries, including with real-time, low latency, and highly scaled applications. As well as authoring his popular book and contributing to several other books, Jack has published over 70 articles on Java performance for various sites and magazines. He has also published over 200 newsletters for over 20 years in addition to publishing over 10,000 Java performance and memory related tips.


How to easily add application monitoring in Kubernetes pods

This blog walks through installing the Elastic APM K8s Attacher and shows how to configure your system for both common and non-standard deployments of Elastic APM agents.


Elastic's contribution: Invokedynamic in the OpenTelemetry Java agent

The instrumentation approach in OpenTelemetry's Java Agent comes with some limitations with respect to maintenance and testability. Elastic contributes an invokedynamic-based instrumentation approach that helps overcoming these limitations.


How to capture custom metrics without app code changes using the Java Agent Plugin

When the application you're monitoring doesn't emit the custom metrics you'd like, and you can't directly change the app code, you can use a Java Agent Plugin to automatically instrument the application and emit the custom metrics you desire.


Create your own instrumentation with the Java Agent Plugin

Walk through using the Elastic APM Java Agent Plugin API to monitor any technology with custom instrumentation that will run automatically within the Java Agent.


Regression testing your Java Agent Plugin

Learn how to easily perform regression testing on your Java Agent plugin.