Articles by Jason Burns

Principal Product Manager, Elastic


Elastic Stack 8.11: Introducing a new powerful query language, ES|QL

Elastic Stack 8.11 introduces an advanced query language known as ES|QL in the Discover application, making data exploration more straightforward and user friendly. The Elastic Learned Sparse EncodeR (ELSER) is now generally available.


Driving dashboard actions in Kibana with URL drilldowns

Introducing URL drilldowns in Kibana dashboards, a new feature that lets you instantly hop between internal and external apps — now in beta. Learn more about how you can use them to drive actionable insights.


What’s new in Kibana 7.10.0: Kibana Lens is now generally available

Kibana 7.10 delivers the general availability of Kibana Lens, the fastest and most intuitive way to do data visualization with Elasticsearch data. Also in this release, dashboard drilldowns to URLs and the beta release of tracking alerts with maps.