Articles by Dale McDiarmid

In addition to the prebuilt integrations with many popular productivity, storage, and collaboration tools, you can use the Custom Source API to integrate anything else. This post shows you how to ingest data with Trello...

Find out how to ingest a repository of useful and pertinent content — in this case, a simple CSV file of contact information — into Workplace Search with the Custom Source API...

Elasticsearch SQL is a great way to dive into the world of the Elastic Stack. Take it for a spin in our demo environment with practical examples.

Part 2 in our series about learning to use Elasticsearch SQL. Take it for a spin in our demo environment with practical examples.

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GDPR lists pseudonymization as a technical measure that can be used to protect personal data. We explore an approach for implementing it in the Elastic Stack...

How can we shorten the time from "I have heard about this Elasticsearch thing" to "Oh, drill downs in Kibana are so amazing"? We show you how.

In this post we explore a more automated approach to the same challenge using machine learning.

Last time we identified a brute force login attack. Now we'll detect unusual processes on machines in your infrastructure using Elasticsearch and ArcSight.

This blog explores how the Elastic Stack can be used to triage malware outbreak and identify potential infections within your organisation.