This week in Logstash: Final touches on Logstash 1.5

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   Logstash Core

Our team is working to put the final touches on Logstash 1.5. Two weeks ago, we released a candidate for 1.5.0 -- thanks to many users who provided feedback and reported issues. We identified blockers and are working to resolve them. I'd like to highlight these issues:

  • Performance regression: In the release candidate, users reported a drop in performance throughput compared to the current stable release (1.4.2). This was noticed in configurations which had conditionals in output. This week, we made good strides in bringing back the performance numbers inline with the previous release; we actually made it faster. #2870 has all the juicy details including numbers comparing different versions.
  • Service fails to stop (v1.5.0.rc2) (#2796). This was another regression introduced from 1.4.2 which resulted in Logstash service not being shutdown gracefully. We identified the bug and fixed in pull request #2869.
  • Changes with grok-matched fields in 1.5.0.rc2 (#2897): A user reported a bug in the Grok filter which was creating extra fields when the coercion syntax {PATTERN:SYNTAX:TYPE} was used. We fixed the issue in the Grok library which is used by the Grok filter
  • Proxy Support: Working on adding http proxy support for plugin installation and update.
  • Unexpected log output from Elasticsearch output in 1.5RC2 (#80)
  • Elasticsearch Output Logging issue: Index action dropped with no response code (#84)

   Logstash Ecosystem

  • First wave of Elastic{ON} talks are available online! Check out “What's new in Logstash" where we talk about all the exciting features for our next release. Or binge watch all the other sessions covering the Elastic products and its uses in the wild
  • In case you missed it, we released a new version of Curator last week. @theuntergeek has all the details in his blog. Also, we moved the reference documentation to the website.
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