Elastic{ON} Sessions Are Online

With a little more than a week since our inaugural Elastic{ON} conference, I'm extremely excited to release the first wave of content today, which includes the presentation slides from every session and a handful of videos, including talks from Facebook, Microsoft, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Quizlet, the U.S. Geological Survey, Verizon, Wikimedia, Yale University, and Yelp.

Elastic{ON} was all about sharing knowledge, from the sessions during it, to the Birds of Feather informal gatherings, and the hugely popular "Ask Me Anything" booth that was staffed during the whole conference with developers and employees.

Sadly, while all the slides are available, we do not have audio for the first day main stage content due to technical problems, including our keynote. It's devastating to lose it, and we are thinking on how to fix it, all the way to kung fu movie style dubbing the videos.

We hope you enjoy the slides and videos. I am especially excited with our opportunity to show some of the amazing use cases of our Elastic products out there, and happy we can share it with all of you today and in the coming days as we process the rest of them.

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