Scaling Elasticsearch for Production at Verizon: 500 Billion Documents & Counting

First deployed as a proof of concept in mid-2012, Verizon Business moved fully into production with Elasticsearch in mid-2013 and has continued to push forward ever since. Bhaskar will take you through this entire history - including a peek inside the architecture handling over 500 Billion documents - with a look forward at the next year for Verizon and Elasticsearch.

Bhaskar Karambelkar

Bhaskar V. Karambelkar is a Senior Security Data Scientist at Verizon as part of the Verizon Security Research team working on next gen security research and Verizon’s Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR). He formerly was the Tech Lead for Verizon’s Managed Security Services (MSS). Overall, He has 10 years of experience in InfoSec domain including designing, architecting and building large scale systems for handling security data. He has worked on many relational and NoSQL database systems including Oracle, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch and has specialized in building scalable systems capable of handing petabytes of data, API designing, information retrieval and search. Bhaskar is currently pursuing his Masters in Predictive Analytics and looking forward to implementing statistical and machine learning techniques for InfoSec research.