NASA: Unlocking Interplanetary Datasets with Real-Time Search

JPL is using Elasticsearch in many areas of its business and currently have two main areas they would like to show. One application is flight telemetry and system dashboards from Curiosity and SMAP. The application takes production data and gives an easy way for engineers to monitor and measure instruments given back from our spacecraft. The other application is one that affects all employees at JPL as Elasticsearch now powers JPL's internal search engine including a powerful video and people search.

Dan Isla

Dan Isla is the IT Data Scientist in the Office of Innovation and Chief Technology at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He previously worked as a Systems Engineer on the Curiosity Rover mission, and Soil Moisture Active Passive projects for over 5 years. Dan has been applying search and cloud-based big data techniques to deliver low-risk prototypes enabling real-time analytics for interplanetary space missions.

Ricky Ma

Ricky Ma is the Chief of Application Architectures in the Application Development Division of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Mr. Ma has been working in the IT environment for over 14 years and has broad experience in software development methodologies, software systems engineering, frameworks and development architectures. He is responsible for the architectural decisions and implementations for engineering, collaboration, workflow, and search applications across JPL's Office of the Chief Information Officer.