The Evolution of (Elastic)Search at Yelp

There was a time when Yelp was a local search company with one search engine and a single 'search' team. Now, Yelp has hundreds of search applications that rely on tens of search clusters run by tens of teams. Whether we use it for real time full text searches, or offline batch analysis jobs, Elasticsearch remains fundamental to the way Yelp scales search. In this talk, we will tell you the story of this transformation, highlighting the reason we chose Elasticsearch, the infrastructure we have built around Elasticsearch, and some of the applications that our engineers are using our search platform to achieve.

Joseph Lynch

Joey is a software engineer for Yelp who focuses on building search and service infrastructure. He's been scaling Elasticsearch at Yelp since 2012 and is a core contributor to Yelp's search platform. When not wrangling Elasticsearch clusters, Joey enjoys building service discovery, reliable communication, fast deployment, and monitoring into Yelp's SOA.

Christopher Tidder

Chris works on the Search Infrastructure team at Yelp creating, maintaining and improving the Yelp search platform. Prior to Yelp, Chris hacked on the open-source datastore StigDB at if(we). When he isn't coding, he's on the ice with skates and stick or shoes and a broom.