Articles By Aaron Mildenstein

10 April 2017 Releases

Announcing Curator 5

By Aaron Mildenstein

Curator 5 is out, with some amazing new features. It now supports both rollover and reindex, including reindex from remote! And the new period filter, too!

30 March 2017 Engineering

​Little Logstash Lessons: Using Logstash to help create an Elasticsearch mapping template

By Aaron Mildenstein

Did you know you could use Logstash to help make a custom mapping template for your data? This post shows how easy it can be.

07 September 2016 Releases

New features in Curator 4.1

By Aaron Mildenstein

I am pleased to announce the release of Curator 4.1 with some great new features

16 August 2016 Engineering

Just Enough Redis for Logstash

By Aaron MildensteinGuy Boertje

Improve the performance of the Redis input plugin with these tips and details.

16 May 2016 Engineering

How To Centralize Logs with Rsyslog, Logstash, and Elasticsearch on Ubuntu 14.04

By Aaron Mildenstein

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a centralized rsyslog server to store log files from multiple systems using Logstash & Elasticsearch.

19 May 2015 Engineering

How to check Logstash's pulse

By Aaron Mildenstein

Introducing the heartbeat input plugin! It’s bundled with Logstash 1.5 and it checks to see if Logstash is sending data to your outputs.