Articles by Guy Boertje

Guy Boertje joined Elastic in 2015 from the London Tech Startup and Fintech scenes. Guy has been in technology for most of his life covering avionics, industrial, entertainment and the software industry. In his spare time he climbs short rocks and hits long golf balls.


Logstash 6.6.0 Released

We're excited to share the newest Logstash released with you. Meet version 6.6.0.


Logstash 6.2.0 Released

We're incredibly proud to announce the best Logstash ever with Logstash 6.2.0!


Logstash Dude, where's my chainsaw? I need to dissect my logs

Introducing Logstash Dissect, an alternative way to extract fields from text


Just Enough Redis for Logstash

Improve the performance of the Redis input plugin with these tips and details.


The evolving story about the Logstash File Input