Search more,
spend less

Retain and search more data with searchable snapshots on low-cost object stores + a new cold data tier in 7.11.


Cisco: Managing 2 billion assets for IT transparency

Holistic IT visibility with Elastic Enterprise Search reduces legal, financial, and operational risk.

What's new

There's always budget for free

Workplace Search 7.9: Now with Gmail integration, new Kibana interface, and a new free tier.


ElasticON Global is now on demand

Watch videos from our virtual user conference: technical deep dives, customer talks, and more.

Our customers bring search to life

From startups to the global 2000, Elastic powers search solutions for thousands of companies worldwide to find documents, monitor infrastructure, protect against security threats, and more.

Search. Observe. Protect.

We offer solutions for enterprise search, observability, and security that are built on a single, flexible technology stack that can be deployed anywhere.

Search everything, anywhere

Easily implement powerful, modern search experiences for your busy team. Quickly add pre-tuned search to your website, app, or ecommerce store. Search it all, simply.

We have a mix of two important things — a fast, powerful search engine from Elastic and the right content.

Documentation Lead

Observe your entire ecosystem

Unify logs, metrics, traces, and more in a scalable stack that's free, open, and built for speed. Monitor every element in your infrastructure to quickly resolve issues and consistently deliver exceptional digital experiences.

Elastic provides the backbone for Volvo Group Connected Solutions’ fleet of 1 million assets across the globe.

IT Infrastructure Architect

Protect against security threats

Unify prevention, detection, and response to combat threats at scale. Operationalize any security use case: SIEM, malware prevention, threat hunting, cloud monitoring, and more.

Elastic made it possible for us to build our cyber security and defense platform — and protect the bank from real‑time threats.

Chief Information Officer

The products that started it all

All of our solutions are powered by the speed, scale, and flexibility of the Elastic (ELK) Stack.


The fast and scalable search and analytics engine at the heart of the Elastic Stack.


The powerful and customizable visualization layer and user interface for the Elastic Stack.

Run on Elastic Cloud, your way

Run where and how you want. Deploy on Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services with Elastic Cloud. We deliver the complete Elasticsearch experience with flexible pricing.

Download our solutions or try one of our orchestration products: Elastic Cloud Enterprise and Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes.

Scale up your expertise

You're up, running, and ready for more. From creating machine learning jobs to custom visualizations in Kibana, there's way more to explore.

Best practices for successful customer service search

Learn more about how strong search leads to satisfied customers and helps prevent case escalation.

Improve responsiveness with distributed Elastic architectures

See how Elastic replicates data across nodes for better responsiveness and resiliency.