At Elastic, we <3 our community. As an open source company, our team extends beyond our employee base. In order to build products that best meet our users' needs, we focus and invest heavily in building a strong community, whether it's interacting around feature feedback on IRC and mailing lists, incorporating pull requests into our product releases, or swapping stories at meetups and events. We wouldn't be where we are today without you.

Here are all the places you can connect with us and your fellow users, plus places to find — and give — help.

Staying in Touch with Us


We publish numerous how-tos, feature deep dives, and post news updates on our blog. Keep an eye on it for all the latest and greatest updates from Elastic land.

If you have a news item you'd like us to share or you're interested in authoring a guest blog post, let us know!

Share Your Knowledge

We're always on the look out for guest bloggers who'd like to educate their fellow users with tutorials on all things Elastic. Contact us to learn more about our Writer's Program.

Social Media

Connect with us, 140 characters at a time. Follow us on Twitter @elastic.

You can also give us a shout-out using any of these hashtags: #elasticsearch, #logstash, #kibana, #elkstack, #shield, or #marvel.

You can also find us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Global Community Groups

We have users all over the world sharing their experiences at meetups, user groups, etc. See our International Communities section below to learn how to get connected.

Interested in speaking at a local meetup or starting your own? We're here to help! Check out our Meetups How-To page for more details.

All Things Code

Source Code

Elastic releases all of our open source projects under the Apache 2.0 License. All code is hosted at GitHub and we love receiving contributions from our community, whether they are bug reports, feature requests, document improvements, or patches to the projects. Read on for more details about contributing.

Don't want to compile from source? No problem! You can find zip archives, tarballs, plus DEB and RPM packages on our Downloads page.

Creating Plugins

While there are many plugins available for both Elasticsearch and Logstash, you may find you'd like to create your own. Here are some handy tips to help you get started.

Created a cool plugin? Let us know by submitting a pull request to add it to the documentation.


We have extensive documentation for all of our products, including our language clients, various plugins for Elasticsearch and Logstash, and our Apache Hadoop connector.

We welcome and encourage contributions to improve our documentation. You can check out the instructions to compile the documentation from source and submit improvements via a pull request, or just click on the edit button on any of our docs pages to submit a fix.

All code and documentation contributions require you to execute a Contributor License Agreement.

Bug Reports

Issues can be filed on GitHub Issues. (If you are not sure if you've uncovered a bug, please post a question to the appropriate mailing list — see below — first.).

Submitting a Patch

Patches welcome! We greatly appreciate improvements to both our source code and documentation. We've provided contributor guidelines for each of project, so take a look at them before getting started.

All code and documentation contributions require you to execute a Contributor License Agreement.

Feature Requests

File feature requests as GitHub Issues. We discuss feature requests in the issue, so you're always up to date on the status of your request. If you're still thinking through what you'd like to request, please send a note to the mailing list (see below) to discuss the feature before filing an issue.


Sometimes it's just easier to get help or discuss matters in real time. You can visit any of these channels on Freenode for help from your fellow community members and the Elastic developer team.

  • #elasticsearch: Discussions on Elasticsearch core, language clients, and plugins, plus Elasticsearch for Apache Hadoop and Marvel
  • #logstash: Discussions on Logstash core and plugins
  • #kibana: Discussions on all things Kibana

Even if you don't have a question to ask right now, if you're an IRC user come hang out with us!

Mailing Lists


For questions about anything related to Elasticsearch, release announcements and design discussions, subscribe to the Elasticsearch User list. If it's your first time asking for help on this mailing list, check out this useful guide to asking for help on list.


For questions about anything related to Logstash, release announcements and design discussions, subscribe to the Logstash User list.


We're not currently maintaining a mailing list for Kibana, but you can ask for help on either the Elasticsearch User or Logstash User mailing lists.

Other Places to Learn

You'll find a wealth of tutorials, how-tos, feature deep dives, and project news on our blog.

You'll also find numerous helpful videos, including presentations from our developer team at conferences, user stories from meetups and more in our learning page.

If you're interested in presentations given by members of our developer team, check out our slides on Speaker Deck.

Global Community Groups

We're incredibly excited to see user groups sharing knowledge about our technology on every continent. (Well, except Antarctica, but it's hard to convene a user group with penguins.)

You can find a meetup group near you by visiting

Don't see a group near you? No worries! We can help you start a meetup group, find a meetup group to give a talk at and help finding a venue for your user group. Visit our Meetups How-To page for more information.

There are also various local communities sharing knowledge online:

International Communities

French Community

A french community around Elasticsearch is born. Follow @elasticsearchfr on twitter and subscribe to elasticsearch-fr mailing list.

Chinese Community

Welcome to join the tencent QQ group: 211682609 for real-time discussion, and also recommend to visit the forum for help.

Russian Community

Join elasticsearch-ru mailing list.
You can read and contribute to the community driven Russian translation of our Elasticsearch Reference Guide.

Brazilian Portuguese Community

Join the Brazilian Portuguese Elasticsearch community.

Spanish-Speaking Latin America Community

Join the Spanish-speaking Latin American Elasticsearch community.

Romanian Facebook Group

Join the Facebook group for Romania.

Korean Elasticsearch Facebook Group

Join the Korean community in their Facebook group.

Israeli Community

You can find Hebrew language resources for Elasticsearch on the Israeli community website.

Japanese Community

You can join register for Elasticsearch Study Sessions to learn more about Elasticsearch.
You can also subscribe to our Japanese language email list.

Vietnamese Community

You can join the Vietnamese community Facebook group.

Is your group's information missing? Let us know so we can list it here.

Security Disclosures

Security Issues

We welcome vulnerability reports for all of our software. Please go to our vulnerability page for details on reporting a potential issue, and a list of resolved vulnerabilities.


The Elasticsearch team thanks JetBrains for providing free license for the excellent IntelliJ IDEA, YourKit for their superb Java Profiler.