Using Elasticsearch for Log Search and Analysis


Elasticsearch has become the de facto standard open source logging database. Learn how Kibana provides a browser-based interface to logs and other time-associated data in Elasticsearch.

This webinar will provide an overview of Kibana and discuss its features and benefits and common use cases:

  • Get answers in real time: Stream your data into Elasticsearch and use Kibana to explore events in real time. No need to predefine your questions.
  • Visualize trends: Create bar, line and scatter plots, pie charts, maps and more to understand trends in large volumes of data. Share your dashboards with others.
  • Powerful search syntax: Slice and dice your data on the fly - no complicated setup process required. Point-and-click queries opens Kibana up to your whole organization
  • Instant setup: Kibana runs in your browser - just open the website and you are ready to explore your data in Elasticsearch.

Rashid Khan

Creator of Kibana