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Pivoting to Mission Assurance

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Nathan Stacey
Nathan Stacey

Principal Solutions Architect



Mission security means focusing on many security datasets beyond just cyber. Real-time situational awareness is a tried and true application of the Elastic Stack — it scales, it does geospatial, it answers adhoc questions on terabytes of data at human speed. The maturity of Elastic as an observability and security platform is helping government architects use Elastic in the broader field of Mission Assurance. Learn how you can transform your skills in IT service management (ITSM) and security operations with many new datasets for a holistic view of the mission.


  • Learn how to showcase key information from different organizations into a single dashboard simple enough for a junior analyst’s productivity
  • Get an overview on why analyzing operational technology (OT) data in relation to IT data makes it easier to spot vulnerabilities and mitigate potential threats before they affect systems, personnel, and the mission itself/li>
  • See a short demo of the Mission Assurance Capabilities Kit (MACK), the future tech solution for Mission Defense Teams (MDT) that will redirect security from just cyber to the actual mission systems
  • See a Canvas dashboard built to appease executive decision makers as well as the common operations analyst (and feel free to copy its design for your org)

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