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There’s a lot you can accomplish with the free and open Elastic Stack. These webinars will help you get up and running.

Replicate Elasticsearch data with cross-cluster replication (CCR)

Cross-cluster replication (CCR) allows you to replicate an index from one Elasticsearch cluster to another. CCR is perfect for a number of use cases, including cross data center replication for high availability or disaster recovery, data locality, and creating a dedicated, centralized analytics cluster populated by multiple source clusters.


  • CCR overview and use cases
  • Challenges of data replication without CCR
  • Demo: Cross data center replication with CCR
  • Demo: Getting started with CCR for logging use cases

Introducing Kibana Lens: An easy, intuitive way to visualize data

With a drag and drop interface, one-click data exploration features, and the power to provide visualization suggestions, Lens is the fastest way to uncover insights in your Elasticsearch data. Watch this demo to learn how Lens can help both experienced and brand new Kibana users.


  • Live demonstration of Kibana Lens
  • Introduction to fundamental concepts inside of Lens like field preview, smart suggestions, and chart selection
  • Visualizing data from multiple index patterns within Lens

Introduction to supervised machine learning in Elastic

Learn how to build a machine learning model and use it for real-time streaming data via the new inference ingest pipeline.


  • Building a regression model
  • Building a classification model
  • Using the Language Detection model
  • Integration between Elastic and Jupyter notebooks

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