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"Getting started with Elastic Stack 8.0" book preview

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Asjad Athick
Asjad Athick

Senior Solution Architect



The Elastic Stack helps you work with massive volumes of data to power use cases in the search, observability, and security solution areas. Asjad Athick, the author of “Getting Started with Elastic Stack 8”, will walk through how the Elastic Stack can be best leveraged by teams looking to start their journey with the stack.

This virtual event will take you through the core components of the Elastic Stack and the roles they play in solving your data problems. The webinar will focus on common problems in the three solution areas and discuss how the Elastic Stack can be deployed to build use cases and deliver outcomes around those problems. 

We’ll end with a discussion around best practices and guidance around architecting Elastic Stack deployments for production success.


  • An introduction to the Elastic Stack
  • Explore the core components of the Elastic Stack and the problems they solve
  • A look at search, observability and security solutions, and how the Elastic Stack solves some of the problems in these areas
  • Architecture and deployment best practices for long term success on the Elastic Stack

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