Elastic Support

Designated Support Engineer (DSE)

Take advantage of proactive support from engineers familiar with your unique environment. When you subscribe, you're provided with focused case management resolutions tailored specifically to your business needs.

  • Technical onboarding
  • Monthly case reports
  • Monthly check-in meetings
  • Support case management
  • Key milestone check-ins

Personalized Support

Specialized support

Benefit from highly specialized support engineers who are knowledgeable about your environment and familiar with your architecture, needs, and goals. Designated support engineers engage with your teams regularly to keep your business on track.


Get help from the experts

  • Integrate Elastic Support into your team

    Gain faster time to value when Elastic Support is like a member of your team with all the expertise needed in regards to your architecture, use cases, and goals.

  • Use support tailored for your business

    Leverage your designated support engineer for any solution or use case, whether you're on Elastic Cloud or a self-managed deployment.