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Connect Speedy Search with Big Data Analytics

Elasticsearch for Apache Hadoop (ES-Hadoop) is the two-way connector that solves a top wishlist item for any Hadoop user out there: real-time search. While the Hadoop ecosystem offers a multitude of analytics capabilities, it falls short with fast search. ES-Hadoop bridges that gap, letting you leverage the best of both worlds: Hadoop's big data analytics and the real-time search of Elasticsearch.

Seamlessly Move Data between Elasticsearch and Hadoop

With a native integration and a rich query API, ES-Hadoop lets you index data directly into Elasticsearch from Hadoop, query Elasticsearch from Hadoop, and use HDFS as a long-term archive for Elasticsearch.

(Sub)Second Search Queries and Analytics on Hadoop Data

While Hadoop lets you batch, join, and analyze to your heart’s content, its queries aren’t the quickest. ES-Hadoop changes the game by providing a bridge to index your Hadoop data into Elasticsearch, letting you take full advantage of its querying speed, variety of aggregation capabilities, and ability to derive value from it faster than ever.

Native Integration with the Most Popular Hadoop Components

Hadoop has an expansive ecosystem and ES-Hadoop interacts natively with your favorite components. Leverage ES-Hadoop to enhance your machine learning use cases by harmonizing Elasticsearch with Spark Resilient Distributed Datasets (RDD) and DataFrames, federate queries across Elasticsearch and HDFS with Hive, and connect directly with various other popular systems like Storm, Pig, Cascading, and standard MapReduce.

Visualize HDFS Data in Real-Time with Kibana

Elasticsearch works with Kibana to help you visually explore your big data in real time. With beautifully designed graphs, charts, and maps, Kibana transforms your data into real-time, customizable dashboards with deep insights.

Enhanced Security Keeps Your Big Data in the Right Hands

Manage who has access to your data and prevent snooping over the wire to preserve data confidentiality. ES-Hadoop's enhanced security includes basic HTTP authentication, support for SSL/TLS for connections between Elasticsearch and Hadoop clusters, and also works with Kerberos-enabled Hadoop and X-Pack-enabled Elasticsearch clusters.

Works with Any Flavor of Hadoop Distribution

We are official partners with Cloudera, Mapr, Hortonworks, Databricks, and Concurrent, so whether you're using vanilla Hadoop or other distributions, we've got you covered. We are certified on Cloudera Enterprise 5 and Certified Technology Partners with Hortonworks.

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