Lightweight Shipper for Network Data

Know what’s going on across your applications by tapping into data traveling over the wire. Packetbeat is a lightweight network packet analyzer that sends data to Logstash or Elasticsearch.

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NewCompatibility with the Elastic Common Schema makes ingesting data with Packetbeat even easier in 7.0. Learn More

Monitor Services and Applications in Real Time

Network protocols like HTTP let you keep a pulse on application latency and errors, response times, SLA performance, user access patterns and trends, and more.

Packetbeat lets you tap into this data and parse in real time to understand how traffic is flowing through your network. It's totally passive, has zero latency overhead, and it doesn’t interfere with your infrastructure. Explore the live demo.

Pick a Protocol. Or Build Your Own

Packetbeat is also a library. It supports many application layer protocols, from database to key-value stores to HTTP and low-level protocols. Choose the one you need or add your own by submitting a pull request.


Search and Analyze Network Traffic

Skip performing a variety of incantations to get your data into proper shape for search and analysis. Packetbeat takes care of this for you in real time, on your target servers.

It Doesn't Miss a Beat

Spool your traffic and network info to disk so your pipeline doesn’t skip a data point — even when downstream issues occur. Packetbeat holds onto incoming data and then ships it all to Elasticsearch or Logstash when things are back to normal.

Ship to Elasticsearch or Logstash. Visualize in Kibana.

Packetbeat is part of the Elastic Stack, meaning it works seamlessly with Logstash, Elasticsearch, and Kibana. Whether you want to transform or enrich your network data with Logstash, fiddle with some analytics in Elasticsearch, or build and share dashboards in Kibana, Packetbeat makes it easy to ship your data to where it matters most.

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Monitoring your network traffic made easy.


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