Download Packetbeat


Download and unzip Packetbeat

Packetbeat can also be installed from our package repositories using apt or yum. See Repositories in the Guide.

Choose platform:
deb x86_64
Package managers:

Edit the packetbeat.yml configuration file

Edit the packetbeat.yml configuration file


Start the daemon

Start the daemon by running sudo ./packetbeat -e -c packetbeat.yml


Dive in


Version: 8.13.4

Release date:

License: Elastic License

Supported OS/JVM/Browser


This default distribution is governed by the Elastic License, and includes the full set of free features.

A pure Apache 2.0 licensed distribution is available via the OSS download page.

Packetbeat has only one dependency: libpcap.

Packetbeat incorporates a bundled Npcap installation on Windows hosts. The installation is provided under an OEM license from Insecure.Com LLC ("The Nmap Project").

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