Transforms settings in Elasticsearchedit

You do not need to configure any settings to use transforms. It is enabled by default.

All of these settings can be added to the elasticsearch.yml configuration file. The dynamic settings can also be updated across a cluster with the cluster update settings API.

Dynamic settings take precedence over settings in the elasticsearch.yml file.

General transforms settingsedit


Set to true to identify the node as a transform node. If either or xpack.transform.enabled is false for the node, the default value is false. Otherwise, the default value is true.

If set to false in elasticsearch.yml, the node cannot run transforms. If set to true but xpack.transform.enabled is set to false, the node.transform setting is ignored and the node cannot run transforms. If you want to run transforms, there must be at least one transform node in your cluster.

It is advised to use the node.transform setting to constrain the execution of transforms to certain nodes instead of using xpack.transform.enabled. On dedicated coordinating nodes or dedicated master nodes, disable the node.transform role.


Set to true (default) to enable transforms on the node.

If set to false in elasticsearch.yml, the transform APIs are disabled on the node. Therefore the node cannot start or administrate transforms or receive transport (internal) communication requests related to transform APIs. If the node is a coordinating node, transform requests from clients (including Kibana) also fail.

If you want to use transform features in your cluster, it is recommended that you set xpack.transform.enabled to true on all nodes. This is the default behavior. At a minimum, it must be enabled on all master-eligible nodes and all data nodes. If you want to use transforms in clients or Kibana, it must also be enabled on all coordinating nodes.

xpack.transform.num_transform_failure_retries (Dynamic)
The number of times that a transform retries when it experiences a non-fatal error. Once the number of retries is exhausted, the transform task will be marked as failed. The default value is 10 with a valid minimum of 0 and maximum of 100. If a transform is already running, it will have to be restarted to use the changed setting.