Search your dataedit

A search query, or query, is a request for information about data in one or more Elasticsearch indices.

You can think of a query as a question, written in a way Elasticsearch understands. Depending on your data, you can use a query to get answers to questions like:

  • What pages on my website contain a specific word or phrase?
  • What processes on my server take longer than 500 milliseconds to respond?
  • What users on my network ran regsvr32.exe within the last week?
  • How many of my products have a price greater than $20?

A search consists of one or more queries that are combined and sent to Elasticsearch. Documents that match a search’s queries are returned in the hits, or search results, of the response.

A search may also contain additional information used to better process its queries. For example, a search may be limited to a specific index or only return a specific number of results.

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